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Modern Trousseau Couture Bridal Collection | Bridal Garters

As if modern brides don't have enough to think about, they now have another task to add to their wedding checklists. The trousseau, that wonderfully romantic - sounding collection of paraphernalia that brides traditionally collected to furnish their new marital life, is making a comeback.

Traditionally the trousseau, from the old French word trusse for the bundle, would have contained all a young girl owned as she went off to start her new life.

Flashy Victorians embraced the tradition, introducing the "trousseau tea" where wealthy families would display trunk loads of linens, china and clothes as part of the wedding festivities. The trend was soon dismissed for being too showy - The Telegraph, UK.
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Deepika Govind and Urvashi Kaur
Deepika Govind Neel Sutra Khan Market Store
Designer Deepika Govind and Fashion Models

Neel Sutra Bridal Lingerie | Sarees & Lehengas by Deepika Govind

Increasing the modern Indian bride is increasingly changing the way she dresses, yet preserving the traditional aspects of the wedding ceremonies in her dressing. The stunning real Gold Zari Varanasi saree with a distinct Deepika Govind Signature to a flamboyant Lehenga in Peach & Gold by Rohit Bal all await your keen eye.

There are a range of dresses & suits for the Honeymoon and thereafter to start the new life. The most striking feature of the Lounge is that it will do an entirely bespoke collection & truly discerning guest can choose from some of India’s best designers to choose from.

We not only make your fineries but also pack them in the most eclectic fashion so as to enhance the entire visual experience.
Fashion Designer Rohit Bal
rohit bal spring summer desi couture collection
Neel Sutra Boutique at The Oberoi, Gurgaon
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