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The banqueting business is rife with banquet halls, which outsource their food to vendors. This brings about inconsistent experiences for the customers. Also, the guest has to work at multiple ends to get coordinated delivery of his event or functions.

The Jehan philosophy of ‘A New World of Celebration’ is the cornerstone of our food philosophy. Food is intrinsic to any celebrations and at The Jehan it encapsulates the experience as a whole. It’s omnipresent. From the time that we help you decide on the location, the décor, the lighting, the entertainment etc., the food story is the thread that binds it all.

Our teams of award-winning chefs coupled with master chefs & cuisine specialists are like a well-tuned orchestra, each with its part to play, all rising to a crescendo at the precise moment to deliver that magical experience for the host and his guest for all their special occasions. We cater up to fifteen thousand guests at one time on multiple menus. The complexities of it all are what we revel in.

The bespoke nature of our food story begins with the freshest ingredients sourced from the source markets directly by the chefs. The emphasis is on procuring absolutely the best and the freshest ingredients at all times. The menus are demanding and require constant monitoring and update keeping the seasonality’s and community preferences in the mind at all times.
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The Executive Chef and his immediate team ensure that each dish is prepared and delivered at the time of the functions under their direct supervision. This ensures that the preparations are as per the recorded specifications and special needs of each party at the time of the booking. The team is at hand for any last minute additions or changes that the guests may have.

The Jehan Signature is the food we prepare and the presentation we provide for it, with the team of professionals to ensure consistent yet superlative food. To enhance the brand recall, we have a set of menus with Signature Dishes perfected over time in our kitchens, which embellish any party. They are part of all our menus, which ensures a minimum standard for all our guests. In short, we love our food!
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